Tarasynor Xorra

The Dark Prince.


“I always did prefer a party of five.”

Tarasynor is a mysterious portalmancer. A High Elf by nature, he was adopted by Hatul along with his sister, Arcaena. He first encountered Karma when they were imprisoned, feigning his own imprisonment in what he later explained was a means of watching the group more carefully. Moments after Skylar freed Tarasynor and everyone escaped, the Elf turned around and shot one of the prisoner’s in the head. Jethro promptly threw an axe at Tarasynor, slicing his crossbow in half and presumably killing him. Not long later, however, Tarasynor showed up again during the battle that Karma led at Veridia. Skylar managed to imprison him, only for Tarasynor to drop a clay tablet and wave goodbye as he disappeared.

Tarasynor appeared a number of times in the following months, mocking Karma and acting as a general nuisance. He finally introduced himself as ‘The Dark Prince’ when he showed Karma that Father Liva and the other priests of Fenerpure lived. A few moments later he killed Skylar for no reason, teleporting behind him and snapping his neck. Tarasynor then promised the rest of the adventurers to keep the priests safe if they continued providing him with ‘entertainment’. Tarasynor promptly teleported the rest of the group back to Allius. All attempts to land a blow on the Elf proved fruitless, as he would blink away at the last moment, reappearing a few feet away from where he had stood only moments before.

Tarasynor continued to pester Karma, playing practical jokes on them and commenting on many of their decisions. He attacked them with a knight in black armour when they were aboard the S.S. Coral, only to be outwitted by Serdil and forced to retreat.He showed up again several times on Cedandure, where Karma was introduced to his father, Hatul, and sister, Arcaena. He showed much distaste for his sister, and attacked Karma on several occasions directly, trying to provoke Arcaena into doing something wrong in the eyes of their adopted father. Eventually, however, during one of the squabbles between Tarasynor and Arcaena, Rasewield presented himself and Tarasynor and Acies fought alongside one another in order to hold off the mage while Arcaena helped Karma escape. Considering Rasewield’s power, Acies and Tarasynor were presumed dead by even Arcaena, despite everyone’s hopes.

Tarasynor Xorra

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