Stormbringer Arthur

The Ranger of Karma.



Stormbringer was one of the original members of Karma, a citizen of Fenerpure, and an extremely stoic ranger. Stormbringer barely spoke a word, and rarely let his face be seen under his leafy-green cowl. He was cold and to-the-point. He kept his emotions separate from his actions to the greatest extent possible and his aim with his bow was precise and tactical. Stormbringer was a runaway who ended up being adopted by a Gargoyle that found him wandering through the Stone Skin Jungle to the south-west of Allius near the Stone Brook. The man, Tulin, mentored Stormbringer, teaching him to survive in the jungle and how to shoot a bow and tame an animal. When Tulin died, Stormbringer took his mentor’s pet eagle as his own, and ended up finding a boy that reminded him of himself, one who went by the name of Ian.

Ian was a runaway, but after some years desired to return to his home in Fenerpure. Stormbringer took him back, but found that his guardians, Skylar and Ayleth Juna, were out of town, rumored to be up near the Frozen Forest. Stormbringer left Ian to go look for the two family members, and eventually found them. But Stormbringer’s memory had been shaken up by the amnesia spell cast on him when the Wood Elves captured him, rendering him incapable of making the connection between Ian and Skylar. By the time he had, Fenerpure had been burned to the ground and he immediately began demanding to return to Allius to find Ian. Ian was later found by Karma, in the possession of Rasewield, who they rescued him from.

Stormbringer’s focused nature made him into the perfect tactician of the adventuring party. Often coming up with battle strategies that were followed by the rest of the party, or grabbing certain Dwarves at the last moment before they rushed headlong into certain death, Stormbringer had most definitely mastered the art of concentration. This was not always to his advantage, however. Leaving behind his emotions meant that Stormbringer often had great difficulty relating to others, telling the rest of Karma to ‘get over it’ so they could get on with exacting revenge not even an hour after they found Fenerpure had burned down. As well as this, it meant that when his emotions did show they showed vividly. Stormbringer often finds himself unable to even walk in the direction of a scorpion nest ever since the first encounter he had with a giant scorpion queen, which rendered him with scorpion-specific-arachnophobia. Despite this, Stormbringer’s level-head and tactical capabilities made him an irreplaceable and loyal addition to Karma that not one of the party members would replace for the world.

Stormbringer Arthur

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