Sonya Mariv

The Leader of the Reckless.


“Let me exchange it with you, I doubt you want to deal with a con artist.”

The leader of The Reckless, Sonya is a stoic, intelligent and powerful paladin who is constantly wielding her falchion and tower shield. It is said that she sleeps with her hand on her falchion’s hilt, and sometimes in her armour. She is always prepared for battle, almost to the point of paranoia. She is feared by many, and like most of The Reckless, very little is known about her.

Sonya is the daughter of Acies and Taravil of . She was born and raised in Dahlia, where she brought together the rest of the Reckless by the age of twenty-three, forming the group in 387.

Sonya Mariv

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