Serdil Grezbir

Thief, First Mate, Beloved Friend


“My hat!”

Serdil is known to Karma as the First Mate of the [[S.S. Coral]], running the ship alongside Captain Brorcam. While the party initially thought him stupid, lazy and incompetent, he quickly proved himself by catching Tarasynor off-guard, leaving the Dark Prince wounded in front of Karma for the first time and conquering the knight that he was controlling. In the times since, he has proven himself to be an extremely useful and versatile member of Karma, but often causes trouble when he refuses to leave Brorcam’s side.

Serdil was first introduced to the party due to a bounty the High Elves had placed on his head. An assassin had boarded the ship when they departed and had been trying to kill Serdil since. Serdil was always one jump ahead, staying with his head in the game. Unfortunately, many of the guards assigned to protecting him weren’t so lucky. Eventually, Serdil agreed to give the assassin what they wanted, and gave the party a small, purple gem imbued with an enchantment. It was later found out that Serdil had given the assassin a fake gem, and the real one was a Godshard which he stole from General Elise Lavor, taking the jewel at their wedding and abandoning her at the alter.

Serdil is also known to have stolen a Wood Elven Godshard in 392, and is often seen obsessing over jewelry. He is covered from head to toe in shining accessories, and – despite the amount of metal on him – is a master of stealth and thieving. Serdil has proven this time and time again, tricking foe after foe with his sleight of hand and quick-wit. Serdil has a sick sense of humour at times, and an incredibly innocent one at others. He gets offended over incredibly niche things, and loves above all else Brorcam, his jewels, and his hats. His favourite hat is known to bear a white rose on its left side, and a harpy’s feather on the right. It’s a cavalier hat, and Serdil almost never takes it off, unless he’s worried about it blowing away. In which case he puts on another hat.

Claiming to be a con-artist, a master of deceit, and not above ludicrous means of thieving and manipulation, one would think Serdil untrustworthy, but he has nonetheless aided the party countless times, and seems wholly loyal to his captain, Brorcam. That being said, his reputation has landed the party in trouble almost as many times as he has helped them. He has shown his prowess in battle with his daggers and flintlocks, and often employs psychological manipulation and warfare against his opponents. The only person he has been seen to fear is Rasewield.

Serdil Grezbir

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