Sarhla and Zandro

The Portalmancer and Assassin of Karma


“My name… Isn’t that incredible? I don’t know the answer myself!”"

Sarhla and Zandro were the names of a Dyzule that joined Karma on the 28/5/402 and left on the 22/10/402. Zandro was responsible for most of Karma meeting one another. Having his other body killed at birth after a gypsy foretold he would be burned alongside the village of Fenerpure if his other half were not destroyed, his father cut the head off his other body, scarring Zandro for life. Desperate to replace his missing half, Zandro studied the art of the portalmancer his entire life, and his work culminated in him opening an inter-dimensional rift at a Wood Elven shrine, drawing the attention of the members of Karma to the site and pulling Sarhla from another dimension, who he promptly merged his mind with. Thus, Zandro and Sarhla’s new identity was born, and Zandro accomplished what he had desired.

Unlike the rest of Karma, Zandro and Sarhla made it out of the Wood Elven shrine without capture, as the Wood Elves thought they were prisoners of the to-be members of Karma since they had both passed out shortly after the merging. They hid in the Wood Elven city of Veridia for some time, until Karma led the Ezelof army at the battle there, at which stage Zandro and Sarhla joined with them, looking to make a quick profit. Zandro and Sarhla were characterized by their incredibly lethal maneuvers as a combination of a portalmancer and assassin, as well as for their tendency to try and seduce anything that posed a problem to them in order to solve the issue. Zandro and Sarhla managed to make their money and left Karma to pursue their own goals as they left for Cedandure.

Sarhla and Zandro

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