The Centaur

The Cleric of Karma


“Hi! I’m from Fenerpure.”

The Centaur was one of the original members of Karma, a citizen of Fenerpure and a cleric guided by his moral compass and heart above all else. He originally was part of a group of travelling bards. Despite being a cleric, he was welcomed in for his tail hairs which were of extreme use in crafting home-made instruments. However, when his best friend was drawn into a drug addiction, the Centaur gave him an ultimatum between the drugs or the Centaur. This same friend went on to become the founder and leader of the GnD, and the Centaur ended up executing him for his crimes. The Centaur was cast out, left to roam the Frozen Forest on his own after his friend chose the drugs of him. Seeing a flash of blue light, he was drawn towards it in hopes it was a sign from a deity. Unfortunately, all that happened was his arrest.

The Centaur fulfilled a leadership role in Karma, often speaking on behalf of the rest of the party and making difficult decisions. He made sure to always care for the party members, healing their wounds and using his light magic for the betterment of those he cared about. Unfortunately, the Centaur was sometimes too pure of heart. He was honest to a fault, and made mistakes because of it. Once, when trying to gain access to the Priest’s Guild of Dazhile, the Centaur exclaimed that he was from Fenerpure and was promptly arrested since the priests had just finished burning down Fenerpure not a week before. Fortunately, for the Centaur, his party never let him down. They were always ready to protect their beloved healer, and jump to his aid. The Centaur blamed himself for the kidnapping of the priests of Fenerpure, and was, in large part, the reason for Karma’s obsession with finding them.

Despite his leadership role, the Centaur was never afraid to hand leadership over to someone else as long as he respected them and had confidence in them. Such was the case with Captain Brorcam, who quickly presumed the role of the party’s leader. But despite this, the Centaur was ever-vigilant, always ready and eager to resume his role and always ready to help the sick and the wounded.

The Centaur

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