The illusionist of Karma


“I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Onäm was a member of Karma, presented to them by the Wood Elves of Veridia as a tour guide to show them their way around Cedandure. Onäm was impressively bad at navigating Cedandure for a tour guide, but managed to grow on the group over the first few days regardless. That is, until they ate the soul of one of the group’s enemies and strung their body up outside Kamina, after which Karma had a serious discussion about whether they actually wanted Onäm to join the group. Onäm ended up joining the group.

Onäm is best characterized by his sass, flamboyancy, high heels, and complete incompetency, disappearing randomly for lengthy amounts of time to visit harems, throw temper-tantrums or to try and hit on the nearest same-sex individual. While Onäm gets along well with most of Karma, he has a noticeable tension with Brorcam, and an extreme fear of Rasewield, having obviously known of him before he introduced himself to Karma.


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