The Scourge of the Seas


“Find that ship.”

Captain Merisah is the tenth Pirate captain, captain of the S.S. Damned Hangman. Her flag, Bad Moon Rising, is as infamous as she is, and her nickname ‘The Scourge of the Seas’ speaks for itself. She wields a violin bow sharpened so it may act like a cutlass if need be, and she carries a violin with her, enchanted to shoot arcs of lightning at her foes. Her fleet is made up of well over ten-thousand Pirates and she is considered one of the most ruthless Pirates to have ever lived. It is said that she killed both her parents, as well as a Dyzule, before stealing hundreds of platinum and a Godshard from Dahlia’s castle treasury, and then marched into the Captain’s Quarters in Gun and Rum Port, announcing herself and immediately being recognized as a Captain at the age of fourteen. Her violin is decorated with a white rose on its end, and she is sometimes called ‘White Rose’ after this small accessory.


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