Mace Arber

The Illusionist of The Reckless


“Now you see us, now you don’t.”

Mace is a member of The Reckless who is known for his frightening unity with his sister, Lydia. Unlike the rest of the group, Mace and Lydia share a father. If the two didn’t differ in age, many would think them to be a Dyzule. Mace is known for his illusion-casting abilities, which he uses to disorient and confuse enemies, so well as to disguise his team, hiding them from their opponents. Mace is very warm, and one of the kindest members of the group. Despite this, he is extremely wary when people try to get close, and though he puts on a friendly demeanor, he can be highly distrusting.

Mace is the son of Acies and Lieutenant Travis of Dahlia.

Mace Arber

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