Lux Lavor

Judgement and General Swordsmaster of the Wood Elves.


“Who on Darulios was that?”

Lux Lavor was born in Edidarr and orphaned at the age of fifteen when his parents were both slain by High Elves. After this, he and his brother, Zacki, were raised under the wing of one of the Wood Elven Judgemetnts, Judgement Tehmani. Lux grew to become one of the greatest tactical minds in the Wood Elven Empire, and was offered a seat in the Council at Veridia. He declined, however, and pursued his career in Edidarr, where he and his brother grew incredibly close.

While Lux was, for the most part, highly successful, Edidarr’s forces were limited and one of the major hubs of the High Elven Empire neighbored the territory of Artahlor. During a battle led by Karma at Leevia River, Zacki was slain while fighting alongside a corps of Pikemen led by the Centaur. Lux held this against the adventuring party until they later assisted in the assassination of the High Elven commanders, at which point Lux forgave them and offered to see them to Fandaria safely.

Lux Lavor

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