Kendall Lio

The Rogue of the Reckless.


“We plan to hunt a dragon atop Mt. Leevia. If you should like to join us we could use the extra hand or two. We’d be sure you got a share in the bounty!”

Kendall is a member of The Reckless, known for his incredible charm and sleight of hand. He is a deadly opponent in battle, able to land blows faster than his enemies can follow. He carries a flintlock pistol with him wherever he roams, and isn’t afraid to show that he’s trigger-happy. Despite this, he’s far more adept with his sword, and is said to be almost Pirate-like in his combat maneuvers and love of duels. He prides himself on integrity, and despite using his charm to distract people with small-talk, he never lies. He’s incredibly honest and loyal, and often tries to lighten the mood of the group.

Kendall is the son of Acies and Ferro of Dahlia.

Kendall Lio

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