Jethro Fredrickson

The Axemaster of Karma


“Stand aside everyone, I have a way out…”

Jethro was one of the original members of Karma, a citizen of Fenerpure, and a Dwarven Axemaster that wanted nothing more than a family to love and protect. Despite a tough and violent exterior, Jethro was a Dwarf with a soft heart.

Jethro lost his mother during childbirth, and was told throughout his life that she had died during childbirth which made other Dwarves suspect him of being a demon disguised as Dwarf. This resulted in him being socially ostracized by everyone except his father. He trained in The Dragon’s Spine every day after his selectionism, honing his skills with his axes to the greatest degree possible.

One fateful day he returned from training to find his entire hometown of Harrodita reduced to ash. In a panic, he ran to where his home had once stood to find his father’s dead corpse, still clutching his mother’s wedding ring in a closed fist. Prying it from his father’s grip, Jethro wore it on a chain around his neck, and wore the gem inside of it on a bracer on his arm. The guards that had survived the attack attested to Captain Merisah, being to blame for the attack. She had led a fleet of her Pirates into battle, sieging Harrodita and ransacking it for any valuables. One guard who had been particularly close to Jethro’s father told Jethro that his father, Ferrum, had killed six Pirates on his own using nothing but a pickaxe and had been eventually killed by a Wood Elf from Merisah’s crew.

Jethro left Harrodita, determined to find and slay the Wood Elf that killed his father. He ventured across Itorasil lands for many years, gathering information on Captain Merisah and her fleet. Eventually, he found himself living in Hearthair, where he met a Halfling that he became close friends with for a lengthy amount of time after a drunken mishap. Jethro had the Halfling embed the wedding ring in the hilt of his right axe, and when he finally left the village he began journeying through the Frozen Forest, training in the cold once more until the day a High Elf robbed him and he met the other members of Karma.

Jethro saw Karma as his new family and he was the perfect addition to the party. Loyal, headstrong and courageous, Jethro was the perfect way to ensure the party was never without a show of force. Jethro stood up for what he believed in with a stubbornness only seen in Dwarves, and a temper only seen in Jethro. When Fenerpure was burned down, Jethro was mortified. It was like losing his home a second time. When Skylar died, it was like losing his father all over again. Jethro channeled all his rage towards Tarasynor, and has had a deep hatred for him ever since. Despite this, Jethro was more accepting of Arcaena than most of the group due to his mentality that birth status was meaningless.

Jethro’s ‘hit first ask questions later attitude’ served him extremely well in many cases, but had many believe he severely lacked intelligence. He proved this wrong on several occasions, the most memorable being perhaps when he solved the riddle of the Water Nymph’s, saving Skylar’s life in the process. However, this stigma meant his opinion was very often overlooked or dismissed by the rest of the party, even in the most dire of circumstances. When cornered at a river, Jethro wasn’t even heard when he kept trying to inform the party they couldn’t leap into the river because he couldn’t swim. Thus he was left cornered on his own at the edge of the river as the rest of the party leapt into the water, abandoning him as the Goblins and their Dire Wolves encroached upon him.

Jethro’s courageous, loyal and headstrong attitude meant he immediately got along with Captain Brorcam when they met. The moment a battle began, Brorcam and Jethro were always the first to break into a grin and rush forwards. Despite his many arguments with the Centaur, Jethro always made up with him and the two were, at the end of the day, often inseparable. Karma was Jethro’s family, and the Dwarf put them before all else, always protecting them in the heat of battle.

Jethro Fredrickson

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