Jasmyne Tronia

The Marksman of the Reckless.


Don’t forget, we have our eye on you.

Jasmyne is a member of The Reckless and a ruthless marksman. She has a keen eye and is rarely spotted with the rest of the group, preferring instead to blend in with the crowd with the aid of Mace’s magic. This has rendered her one of the most feared members of The Reckless, always ready to strike down an enemy should they pose even a small threat to the rest of the group. Jasmyne rarely speaks, and is characterized by her silence and incredible shooting. When her kalthoff repeater fails her, she turns to her crossbow. If that is ever taken from her, she turns to throwing tantos. Regardless of the situation, Jasmyne is a force to be reckoned with.

Jasmyne is the daughter of Acies and Johnson of Dahlia.

Jasmyne Tronia

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