The Pyromancer of Karma


“Let’s run.”

Jake was one of the original members of Karma, a citizen of Fenerpure, a Highwayman who was exiled from his homeland after routing from a battle, and a Pyromancer. Rarely seen or heard, Jake tended to stick to the back lines of the party, and rarely participated during fights or conversations, preferring to keep his head low and his body somewhere safe. Jake was a true High Elf through and through. Pretentious, egotistical, hated by almost everyone who met him. And yet he still somehow grew on the party, even through his attempts to loot corpses after the battle Karma led at Veridia, and even after he stole Jethro’s coin pouch just before they all met. Most everything Jake did was based on self-preservation. But it worked, so who can criticize the tactic?


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