Hatul Xorra



“I wish to make amends.”

Hatul is a deluded Dark Elf, obsessed with the idea of world peace, and believing it can only be accomplished through the rule of a singular tyrant. To accomplish this, he intends to raise the God Devoratrix from another realm in order to rule over all of Darulios. He intends to then make a singular, objective morality, under which there can be no wars, for everyone knows what is right and does what is right for fear of the tyrant. There will be universal agreement and, by extension, universal peace. Even his adopted daughter, Arcaena, has expressed extreme doubts as to Hatul’s ability to execute such a plan.

Hatul initially posed as an adviser of the king to newly founded adventuring groups such as Karma, using Tarasynor and Arcaena to locate them before he then posed as a person of power, asking for ingredients for a potion that would aid them greatly. In reality, these ingredients were to be diverted to the ritualistic summoning of the God, and Hatul usually killed the adventuring groups after they found the last of the ingredients he had asked of them.

Hatul grew wary of Karma when they narrowly avoided death upon the completion of his quest, and though he paid them little mind he was sure to keep his eyes and ears out for news of them. Though he was unsuccessful in his attempts to kill Karma, he did manage to steal the majority of their gold through deceit. He later tried to explain himself to Karma when he formally introduced himself, and offered his hand in neutrality, provided that Karma halt their advance on Fandaria. This yielded few results, and Karma continued their advance while Hatul continued his plans.

Hatul Xorra

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