Christopher Helmut

Captain of the Guard of Ezelof


“You saved your home boy, with blades of iron, nerves of steel and a heart of flesh and blood! I don’t want to hear a word of this ‘sir’ business.”

Christopher Helmut was born and raised in Ezelof, and was one of the few Human Captains of Allius who was not sent away to fight the High Elves in 388. He was considered the greatest tactician of his time, surpassing even Camilia in his strategies. He rarely suffered more losses than he inflicted, and never lost a battle until his death. He was known for his friendly and relaxed attitude, which was a welcome change from the otherwise high-strung Captains that were left after 388. He was good friends with Elise Kella, and was the father of Arthur Helmut, his lieutenant.

Christopher was never afraid to bend rules or customs when he saw fit. He viewed rules as an important guideline, but nothing more than a guide. He hated pretentiousness and was never fond of Tychon. Christopher led Ezelof’s army alongside Karma in the battle at Veridia on the 27/5/402, where he was slain by the enemy general. Christopher was remembered as a hero, and given a funeral outside of Veridia, attended by Emperor Edah himself.

Christopher Helmut

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