Captain Camilia

Captain of the Guard of Dahlia


“You might offer me power and freedom, but I already have my dignity and pride.”

Captain Camilia was the Captain of the Dahlian Guard of Alloria, taking up her position in 388 at the age of twenty-two. She mentored Elise for some time and grew extremely close to all the guards of Fenerpure. Camilia played an important role in the sway of the Tychonian Civil War when she decided that Dahlia would stand with Alloria against Dazhile and Tychon. One of two Human cities remaining on Allius, Dahlia played an important role in determining the success of Tychon’s onslaught.

Captain Camilia was raised in Dahlia, practicing her skills against the former Captain of the Guard, her uncle, whenever she was given the chance. When she wasn’t fighting him, she was constantly fighting other members of the guard, determined to do her part to protect Dahlia. Her dreams came true, and she was considered one of the elite tacticians and fighters of the Tychonian Civil War. She was best known for inspiring troops that would otherwise be useless into wiping the blood off their faces and continuing to fight. She carried a sense of awe with her, and instilled in those around her a sense of purpose. Her leadership was unrivaled by all others, and her city loved her dearly. Never once did she use the Godshard in Dahlia castle for her own purposes, and when it was stolen she is said to have proclaimed: “If they who have stolen the Godshard think it should tear down myself or my troops, then let them come. Let them face us and find what it is we a really made of. Not born of the shards of others, but of our own sweat and grit. Let them come, and let them lose.”

Captain Camilia

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