Brorcam Valeg

Captain of the S.S. Coral.



Captain Brorcam was introduced to Karma through Queen Ayleth on the 27/10/402. He and his first mate, Serdil, were tasked with seeing the Karma safely to Fandaria so they could rescue the priests of Fenerpure. Brorcam plotted out a journey, keeping a close eye on Karma and ensuring as little trouble befell them as possible.

Captain Brorcam became somewhat of a leader for Karma, often making decisions, negotiating with those in seats of power – usually to very little effect – and planning their routes. He also shared much of his sea-faring wisdom with the party. While never officially joining them, Brorcam was quickly accepted along with Serdil as a member of the adventuring party.

If Brorcam shows love for one thing, it’s a tie between his pet snow leopard, Snowflake, and his First Mate, Serdil. Beyond that, he seems to have no fear, no hesitation, and barely a care in the world. Many of his habits are odd to say the least, and he has been seen getting into fights over a reputation that he seems to be trying to outlive. Despite his closeness to the party, very few actually know anything about Brorcam. In combat, Brorcam usually utilizes flintlocks, but he has been spotted using magic while he plays his violin to send objects hurtling at enemies at insane speeds.

Brorcam appears to be travelling with Karma to exact vengeance on the Dark Prince for injuring him, but this seems like a trivial matter. Regardless of cause, it is generally accepted that he has proven himself above and beyond almost any other member of Karma.

Brorcam Valeg

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