The nameless one.


“Oh… it’s this one.”

Beedox was the last of an ancient race known as ‘The Nameless Ones’ that was able to see every potential outcome of every potential situation as they potentially occurred. This would have been extremely helpful, if he were able to distinguish which one was the actual outcome. Instead, he was in a constant state of uncertainty about which reality would come to be, and only knew the most statistically likely outcome by seeing which outcome happened the most times.

Beedox was a loving being who never caused any direct harm to anyone, and who did nothing but aid those in need of aid in his attempts to direct the timeline to the universe he wanted to exist. He was known for being incredibly cryptic, and for carrying around all sorts of objects in a ridiculously large travelpack that were later revealed to be sentimental items from the thousands of friends he had made over the millennia he had lived.

Beedox was deeply loved and admired by Karma, and was killed in front of them by the Minotaur in the labyrinth to the west of Hearthful. Upon his death, a temporal anomaly was caused, resulting in the party’s return to the outside world being delayed by a handful of months. Beedox died happily, expressing that the universe was on the course he wanted, even if it had required his death. His last words were the first words he greeted Karma with. As a black butterfly with two white dots on each wing landed on his arm he laughed softly and muttered with a smile: ‘Oh… it’s this one.’


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