Arcaena Xorra

Her name isn't Sah.


“My name isn’t ‘Sah’”

Arcaena is the biological sister of Tarasynor, and the adopted daughter of Hatul. She appears to have some knowledge of Rasewield, though has shared limited information on him, attesting only to the fact that Tarasynor’s power is a result of Rasewield’s work, whatever that may be.

Arcaena was commanded by her father to watch over Karma and ensure they didn’t pose a threat to his plans. She remained extremely stoic throughout her time spent with Karma, but when presented with opportunities to communicate with them without the risk of her brother watching she gave advice and guidance to the party, displaying an oddly sympathetic nature for someone of her family tree.

This led to great distrust of Arcaena, especially by Captain Brorcam and the Centaur. Arcaena later helped to assassinate General Elise Lavor, and aided in the infiltration of the camp. Throughout her journeys with Karma, Arcaena displayed incredible power as a necromancer, as well as a great hate for the name ‘Sah’, which she was presumed to have gone by at some stage. During one of her sibling-squabbles with Tarasynor, Rasewield announced himself and Tarasynor and Arcaena collaboratively opened a gateway that led Karma to safety. Arcaena then proceeded to help guide the party to Fandaria, where she promised to leave them in safety so long as they were able to find a greater ‘threat’ to occupy her so her father wouldn’t grow suspicious. Arcaena’s sigil has been shown to be heavily scarred, and she remained adamant about keeping her sigil hidden under a glove.

Arcaena Xorra

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