Amaedus Colby

The Con Artist of The Reckless.


Your friend has quite the bounty on him! Imagine how much we could make by turning him in…

Amaedus is a member of The Reckless, characterized by his wicked sense of humour, love of pranks, and complete lack of shame. He’s adept at not only creating distractions, but utilizing them. Pairing these skills with his silver tongue and swift hand, he is often thought to be one of the most effective con-artists in all of Darulios. Oftentimes he is able to distract opponents for long enough that the entire group can make their escape, or the enemy of the party will reach for their sword only to find it’s disappeared from their scabbard. It isn’t uncommon for those targeted by Amaedus to be completely unaware they were ever targeted until weeks after their goods were stolen.

Amaedus is the son of Acies and Mavil of Dahlia.

Amaedus Colby

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