Welcome to a land of magic, wonder, and power. The land of Darulios has for millennia used a process known as ‘selectionism’ to guide many of its inhabitants throughout their lives and – more often than not – those who undergo selectionism seek to use their abilities for the greater good of the kingdom, forming adventuring parties that are given contracts by the Adventurer’s Guild and advertised to paying clients. This is the story of one such party, how it came to be, what it seeks to accomplish, and how it has gone about it thus far. This is the story of Karma.

Welcome to Tales of Darulios: The Seach! This page serves as an initial stepping stone into the world of Darulios. Below are listed the most important links to help you understand the adventuring party of Karma:

The Party:

This is a link that will explain to you all you need to know about Karma and its adventures thus far.

Current Players:
Jethro Fredrickson
The Centaur
Stormbringer Arthur

This is a list of all the current members of Karma along with everything they have revealed to the party.

More information and characters can be found in the ‘Adventure Log’ and in the ‘Characters’ section. More information on the world and lore available in the ‘Wiki’ section.

Tales of Darulios: The Search